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Saturday, 19 March 2011

result SPM !

Bismillahirrahmanirrahim :)
ai nie da ari sabtu.beberapa ari ag result SPM da nak ase amt2 tkut.n my biggest weakness is i've no confidence at all :(   why is I should felt like those feelings?why I dun believe all faith by HIM? Dear Merciful,guide me,ples.sometimes,my friends were texting my num n asking about our becoming result.Ya Allah,I'm hoping for all the gladness on that day.PLES.keep me in an easy way to face either excellent or bad result.I'm asking for YOUR help,Ya Allah coz I bear witness that only Allah can give everything towards insan2 and for sure, I believe in Islam n I deeply believe Allah s.w.a and Muhammad s.a.w in all whole life.I can't never expect if I wouldn't have an excellent result for SPM.only tranquilness,I'm begging to HIM.I couldn't break my parents' hopes to me.I couldn't give  loser tears to my parents.

Ya Allah,tabahkanlah hatiku.
Berikanlah aku sebaik-baik keputusan.
Aku sandarkan segala keyakinanku hanya padaMu.

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